Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Fall in Winter

First, let me just say how terrible I feel for those who still don't have electricity and heater. I can't imagine going through this weather without any heat. Weather's been crazy ya'll. First a hurricane, now a snowstorm. It's like Manila, only a thousand degrees colder.

But, I would be lying if I didn't say how much I loved snow. I think I actually like it better than fall. There's just something wonderful the morning after when everything turns white. That's before everything turns muddy and icky of course.

I decided to bring my camera and risk getting mugged in the 10 blocks I have to walk from apartment to school. Everything was that pretty.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Autumn in New York

And just like that, fall is here once more. Even before coming to New York, I've always loved the idea of fall. It's the romantic/pretentious arse (the same one that actually uses the word arse) in me. It's a result of that time in my life when I found myself eternally in the most quiet of library corners, reading poetry about the changing of the seasons and the slow, elegant dance of autumn leaves as they fall off branches. It's the result of reading too many Bienvenido Santos novels and short stories. In reality, the closest I had been to experiencing fall in Manila was when the fire trees would set ablaze the Ateneo grounds with their red-orage flowers. 

Admittedly, when I finally got to experience fall last year, I was heavily disappointed. Angry, even. How could I see the poetry in the falling leaves when I could barely move my freezing fingers. This tropical boy, more than anything else, hated cold weather. While liberal, American teenage girls sashayed down Arthur Avenue wearing nothing but their stilettos and handkerchief-sized cloth they called tops, I was bundled up in several layers of shirts, jackets, leg warmers, scarves, hats and gloves.(#firstworldproblems, I know. I do have a point towards the end of this. Just be patient and not too judgy.) 


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