Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Korean Videoke

There's this nice karaoke place in K-town that we love to visit.  It's kinda pricey 
but the it's cozy and has a sort of party vibe to it. Also, every room has a stripper pole. More pictures below.


Coming from a tropical country, snow has always fascinated me.

But now, 3 months later...

I'm over it. I need sunlight!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tantan's birthday

By now, the pattern should be obvious. I hibernate then blog vomit after 6 months. Next on my list is Tantan's fun birthday party at Michael and Nick's lovely apartment. Looking back, it all seemed like our usual Pinoy party - rando mix of food, alcohol and conversation.

But looking at these pictures now, I don't know. It seems like it was a very weird night. What were people drinking? See for yourself.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pinoy Christmas

Speaking of Christmas! I spent Christmas eve with the Pinoys who were just as homesick as I was. Truly, no one does Christmas the way Filipinos do and if I had the means to go home, I would. In a heartbeat. But lucky me, I got to spend Christmas with these lovely people, lovely enough to remind you what Christmas really is about.

Christmas with the Campos Family

Hello 2014! haha. So many pictures to post, so little time. I know that it's way past December but I'm still posting these pictures because I want my first post for 2014 to be about something that I'm really grateful for: family. I came to NY alone, thinking I would have to face everything by myself. But I have been lucky to find a home with my relatives in NJ.

Also, aren't my nieces the cutes girls ever?

More pictures below


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