Pinoy Christmas

Speaking of Christmas! I spent Christmas eve with the Pinoys who were just as homesick as I was. Truly, no one does Christmas the way Filipinos do and if I had the means to go home, I would. In a heartbeat. But lucky me, I got to spend Christmas with these lovely people, lovely enough to remind you what Christmas really is about.

After the mass, right outside the bathroom. 

We decided to explore the city before noche buena. So we went to Grand Central Terminal. Probably my favorite place in the city.

We knew Rockefeller center would be teeming with tourists so we went to the MetLife, instead.

There's a pattern here, ofcourse.

If anything, this night was all about taking photos.

Right Chuck?

We also took some Linked in pictures.

Since we were all dressed up

and fancy.

Hey Mich and Neil.

Sibling love.

Sisterly love. 

I have a feeling that this is one of the last times that I would be taking solo shots of Anne. haha.

Leon, strutting.

Back in Grand Central.

Chuck skyping with family.

Back in Anne and Ramon's apartment.

Chicken Joy!!

Noche buena time!

Good times.

Christmas cookies from the Bronx!

Group/Family picture. We also accidentally color coordinated.  Look how pretty our tree is. Yep, that's it. The one that looks like a depressed house plant. Bought it 5 minutes before the Noche Buena.

Wacky, of course.

Somehow, this happened.

I think we were aiming for a soap-opera shot.

Nailed it!!

Lovely. haha


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