Shoot with Amor

Because we both had too much time in our hands, this happened. Thank you Amor! Fun day!

First some test shots.

Find the light!

Then we were off to the mini forest.

Praticing her smyze.

Masakit ang ulo ko but still fierce look.

Nawawala ako sa gubat look:D

Change outfit!

Necklace na ginawang headband.


Masakit ang ankle ko but still im fierce look.

galing ng magpose!

Basa sa ulan look. literally.

In the spirit of solidarity, it was my turn.

Shades for 100php at SM hahaa.

shoes at 40 off. haha.

Nabalian ako look.

Ang lapad ng noo ko! pwedeng landing strip!:D

Awww! I'll miss you amor!

See you in 2013!


  1. galing ni Amor!:) bakit ang payat mo nikko!?!?!?

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