Thursday, January 17, 2013

Party at Sean's


Obviously I am half a year behind blogging. This set is from the party hosted by Sean and his lovely lovely wife. Somehow there was a little too many alcohol bottles and weird things started to happen like people touching each other's hair, bea dancing with a toy lizard and some crazy conversation that none of us will really remember. Pictures below:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

NIK_2279 Taken on my way to NJ for Thanksgiving day :P

IPED Winter Merienda 2013 Part 2



Part of this post is HERE and my cheezeballs of a speech is HERE.:P

So of course I cried during that speech. I cry at anything. I cry at the sight of cute puppies and kittens and really old people. But seriously, I cried because it's been an awesome awesome year filled with awesome people whom I love to death. It's been a blessing and I cry in gratitude.

After the ceremonies lots of pictures were taken in a last ditch effort to capture every last moment before we went our separate ways. Pictures here:

Monday, January 14, 2013

IPED Winter Merienda Speech 2013

Tonight we graduated from IPED. I was tasked by my batchmates to give the speech. Of course I cried. I didn't want to, but I did. Anyway here's what I said, which, I can only hope gave justice to how it's been like for the rest of my batchmates :

Dr. Schwalbenberg, professors, honored guests, fellow IPEDers, to my roomates, my mom,  good evening.

Before everything else a small caveat. A month ago, Gallup came out with a study on the most and least emotional societies in the world. As it turns out, the country that’s most void of emotions is Singapore. And you can guess which country came out on top of the most emotional list. The Philippines.  So while I think that what I am about to say here is a heartfelt expression of what this year has been like, to you it may be nothing more than pure, unadulterated cheesiness.  I urge you to remain in your seat and avoid the urge to hurl.

More cheesiness below:

IPED Winter Merienda 2013 Part 1


It was the IPED Winter Merienda. Fordham students officially have their graduation in May. But because most IPED students leave the city after the Fall semester, the program holds its recognition ceremony in December, partly for the students and partly for their family and friends. Needless to say I am very proud of everyone in my batch. Coming into the program with barely a background in Economics or PolSci, I would have been glad to just graduate. But by luck or by hardwork I got several recognition which I am shamelessly proud of mostly because I think it really belongs to my mom who has been very supportive of my every crazy decision in life. I was glad she could be there for the ceremony. Also, I made a little speech for our class and of course being the emo person that I am, I cried.

Here's part I, ya'll.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bye-bye Bea


Bea finally left. We didn't really get to hang out much a month before she was due to leave because of comps, finals, moving apartments and me going to California. She was to fly the day after I got back from California. So that night she and Anne slept over the apartment and we brought her to the airport the next day. Given that we didn't really have a car, we actually just commuted with her to the airport only to find out that her flight was delayed to 12 hours later. So we had some Jollibee and went back to the Bronx and brought her to the airport again the next day.

It's sad really. Bea was there at the very start of my NY journey. I remember the first time we went to Fordham campus like it was yesterday. She was wearing shorts and I didn't have a phone or an apartment. Months passed and we made friendships here and there but always she was the one I would trust with my life more than the others. And now we have reached the end of this particular journey and I can only join her in prayer and probably through gmail.  Thank you Bea. New York will never be the same without you. But this is how it must be for each of us. So take care. Be brave, be bold, be Bea! hahaha.

Maasalama Bea! And see you soon.

And now, pictures:


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