IPED Winter Merienda 2013 Part 2



Part of this post is HERE and my cheezeballs of a speech is HERE.:P

So of course I cried during that speech. I cry at anything. I cry at the sight of cute puppies and kittens and really old people. But seriously, I cried because it's been an awesome awesome year filled with awesome people whom I love to death. It's been a blessing and I cry in gratitude.

After the ceremonies lots of pictures were taken in a last ditch effort to capture every last moment before we went our separate ways. Pictures here:

Cry baby.

Cry baby crying.

This maybe the first and last time I get a standing ovation for anything I say. Usually people just look at me weird when I vomit words.

Cry baby crying in the corner.

Cameron giving our batch gift to the freshies.

Opening the gift.

It's a coffee machineeeeee! Get a grip ladies, it's not a car. lol I kid, I kid. :)

Bea giving our gift to Dr. S

It's a jacket with Director engraved on it.

Just like the Governor of NJ wore during the Sandy mess. 

Cry baby crying on the table while Matt and Liz chat.


A group photo in parts because my lens isn't wide enough.

I love how Banda looks like a movie star.

Dr. S trying on his jacket.

Mahwish and I having a moment.

Group shots galore.

Dr. S and Ms. Anne.

awwwww. Our last cliquish pinoy pic.

Mr. Thailand, Ms. China and Ms. Russia.

Happy, happy people.

God, I love these folks.

Roomate picture!!!

Thank you Dr. S!

Pinoyz in the house.

Me, my mom and my Fordham bear.

The next day when mom left for NJ. Thanks Donna for letting us over.


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