Bye-bye Bea


Bea finally left. We didn't really get to hang out much a month before she was due to leave because of comps, finals, moving apartments and me going to California. She was to fly the day after I got back from California. So that night she and Anne slept over the apartment and we brought her to the airport the next day. Given that we didn't really have a car, we actually just commuted with her to the airport only to find out that her flight was delayed to 12 hours later. So we had some Jollibee and went back to the Bronx and brought her to the airport again the next day.

It's sad really. Bea was there at the very start of my NY journey. I remember the first time we went to Fordham campus like it was yesterday. She was wearing shorts and I didn't have a phone or an apartment. Months passed and we made friendships here and there but always she was the one I would trust with my life more than the others. And now we have reached the end of this particular journey and I can only join her in prayer and probably through gmail.  Thank you Bea. New York will never be the same without you. But this is how it must be for each of us. So take care. Be brave, be bold, be Bea! hahaha.

Maasalama Bea! And see you soon.

And now, pictures:

Yes, I have stuffed animals in my room. Don't judge me. 

Sooooo the white bear from Columbia just started humping Fordie the brown bear. 

Just like the good old days.

apparently bea wasn't as sad we were.

so we just tried to be happy again.

Thank self-timer for allowing us to have this moment.


happy sorta sad.

The next day we left for the airport.

It was cold and sunny at the same time.

Americans do love their flag. Good for them.

It turns out, Anne brought some colored paper with her. For what? you'll see.

Oh Bronx.

So we made signs while Bea checked in. First, a message from Rihanna.

Alicia Keys, of course.

This is why I love hanging out in airports.

These are the people on the same flight as Bea. Apparently her flight got delayed 12 hours.

Like a hobo ya'll. KIDDING OKAY?

Who wouldn't?

Outside the sun began to set.

And I emo posed.

self-timer fail. hahahaa. 

Some private joke,

Some of the posters we made.

And then it was to leave the airport once more.

Can you find me and Anne?

Outside, it's almost night time.

I really love this particular subway station.

So we decided to bring our model faces.

And finally Queens.

For some Jollibeeeeeee!

Chicken joy!

The next morning, at around 3 am, it was time to go to airport once more.

Bye Bea.

Find the missing Bea. lol

Sad Nikko and Anne.

While I'm really sad, and would confess to missing having Bea here in the Bronx, there is also comfort in the knowledge that we are where we are supposed to be and that at some point, we will be having coffee at some random cafe in some random country. 

Ingat Bea!


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