IPED Winter Merienda 2013 Part 1


It was the IPED Winter Merienda. Fordham students officially have their graduation in May. But because most IPED students leave the city after the Fall semester, the program holds its recognition ceremony in December, partly for the students and partly for their family and friends. Needless to say I am very proud of everyone in my batch. Coming into the program with barely a background in Economics or PolSci, I would have been glad to just graduate. But by luck or by hardwork I got several recognition which I am shamelessly proud of mostly because I think it really belongs to my mom who has been very supportive of my every crazy decision in life. I was glad she could be there for the ceremony. Also, I made a little speech for our class and of course being the emo person that I am, I cried.

Here's part I, ya'll.

My mother, ladies and gentlemen.

Brittany, Angel and Donna.

Some of the first year Ipeeps.

Hosts for the night, Liz and Tara.

Find the Cobb.

My mom somehow ended up in another table.

So, this post isn't your regular documentation post. So don't expect every awardee and every event to be posted. :P


Happy happy ipeeps.

CRS awardees! :)

Bea with Evan and Stef.

Fordham teddies!

With professor Burke who everyone loves.

People who got 3 high passess in the comps :P

I'm just gonna say it. I have crazy hair. lol

Liz got perfect GPA!

And Michelle got her huge plaque!


And so my speech came. I't's gonna be on the next post so the pictures will make more sense. But here, I basically asked several IPEDERS to write the first word that came to mind when they hear IPED. Here's Fan's

IPED is also about eating. a lot.

future Pei, swimming in money.

Heather! Annnnnnd I've started crying.

Holding back some tears ya'll.

Moving on to the speech in the next post, then part 2.


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