Party at Sean's


Obviously I am half a year behind blogging. This set is from the party hosted by Sean and his lovely lovely wife. Somehow there was a little too many alcohol bottles and weird things started to happen like people touching each other's hair, bea dancing with a toy lizard and some crazy conversation that none of us will really remember. Pictures below:

The day started off tame enough.

Took some pictures around Fordham.

It was the tail-end of summer and things were about to get really cold and gloomy.

For now it was warm and pretty.

And flowers were still abloom.

That night we went to Sean's.

Vince was there!


IPEDERS et al.

Poor lizard. If only it had an idea of what was to come.

Ramon and Pei with their new hair cuts.

Oh Heather. I miss you.

Mahwish, Bea and Donna.

Michelle and Pei!

Erin and Mahwish!!

Oh Matthew!

Things started to get out of hand.

Pei thinks so too.

The calm before the storm.

Bam!! Donna said she's always wanted to touch non-Filipino hair. And two minutes later this happened.

This too.

Liz had been messing my hair.


with Vince who's always well-behaved.

People whose names I can barely recall. Sorry.

Lol at Mahwish hiding her face with her own hair.


I'm sorry.

Sorry Mahwish!!

Erin I'll miss you too!!!

Sean before collapsing on his bed. haha.

My hair is awesome.


Erin and the lizard.

Thank you self-timer.

I miss these people.

Find the lizard.

Oh now I really miss you all.

Sean about to fall asleep.

Saying goodbye.

And that was all that there was.


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