Saturday, May 10, 2014

At the Whitney Museum

Knowing that you'll be at a certain place for sometime can make one lax about exploring. When I wen to Barcelona, I only had 3 days and so forced myself to get out of bed and to walk for hours. I made sure to see every major tourist destinations. Here in NYC though, knowing that I would be here for quite a while, I haven't really been going around much. How many weekends did I tell myself that I would go out to see this or that only to end up staying in bed and on the interwebz, telling myself that there'll be other days. Thus, it took me 3 years before I finally set foot at the Whitney Museum. 

Man, I should have done this before. Also, I wish I took notes and could tell you who made who, but I can't. I just took pictures of artworks that struck me the most without even thinking that I would someday blog about them. My bad. Maybe next time!

Deer Sweatear

For Christmas, I got a deer sweater. It's ridiculous and I love it! haha.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Campos Thanksgiving

I'm not really big fan of Thanksgiving Day because I wasn't born here but still it's one of the holiday's I've learned to look forward to every year because I get to hang out with my family. We would always go to my uncle's house upstate New York and essentially do nothing. It would be 2 days of sitting around, watching TV and stuffing our faces. Also shopping in the outlet mall nearby. Hooray for American consumerism! :)

My nieces have also grown a lot. Look at Kylie!

And Alyza! She was doing some baking.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sight Seeing in San Francisco or that time I pigged out on dumplings

I only had one day in San Francisco after Anna's wedding but I loved every minute of it. I was exhausted from taking thousand of pictures the day before but how could you not take shots of this lovely, lovely city. It really was more chill than NYC. Well, I think any place is more relaxed than NYC. But San Francisco has an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're walking around in your own living room. A sun drenched living room.

The bridge, of course, was magnificent. That red is really perfect against that blue.

Oxfam, Pepsi and Fall

Spring is finally here. That was such a long winter. Growing up in the Philippines, I never understood why Americans on tv liked talking about the weather. And now that I've spent some considerable amount of time in the US, I get it. The weather is such a big part of one's life and it can change drastically in a heartbeat.

But these pictures are from months ago when fall was just beginning. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Belgian Fries in the East Village

I'm a big fan of fries. I mean, who isn't? I've given up rice and chips in the past but I don't think I've even thought about giving up fries!

Anyway, there's this great place in the East Village called Pommes Frites that's all about Belgian frries. And they have all sorts of dips too!

ME waiting for fries.

This has nothing to do with fries.



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