Campos Thanksgiving

I'm not really big fan of Thanksgiving Day because I wasn't born here but still it's one of the holiday's I've learned to look forward to every year because I get to hang out with my family. We would always go to my uncle's house upstate New York and essentially do nothing. It would be 2 days of sitting around, watching TV and stuffing our faces. Also shopping in the outlet mall nearby. Hooray for American consumerism! :)

My nieces have also grown a lot. Look at Kylie!

And Alyza! She was doing some baking.

Even Cooper looks older and prettier!

I felt like such a sloth that I decided to explore outside. 

The sun was setting and it was beautiful.

It was a new community so there wasn't a lot of houses yet.

It was all very scenic though, this gray emptiness.

One of the neighbors.

The street in front.

Inside, the kids were having fun.



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