At the Whitney Museum

Knowing that you'll be at a certain place for sometime can make one lax about exploring. When I wen to Barcelona, I only had 3 days and so forced myself to get out of bed and to walk for hours. I made sure to see every major tourist destinations. Here in NYC though, knowing that I would be here for quite a while, I haven't really been going around much. How many weekends did I tell myself that I would go out to see this or that only to end up staying in bed and on the interwebz, telling myself that there'll be other days. Thus, it took me 3 years before I finally set foot at the Whitney Museum. 

Man, I should have done this before. Also, I wish I took notes and could tell you who made who, but I can't. I just took pictures of artworks that struck me the most without even thinking that I would someday blog about them. My bad. Maybe next time!

Reminds me of a Stephen King book cover.

The Museum isn't as crowded as the MET or the MOMA.

I think that this is my favorite.

Amazing what people can do with wires.

I love this chandelier made of wine glasses!

I like this guy's sweater!

I'm on a suit phase. 

We took the stairwell and these were spread around the corners.

Not creepy at all.


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