Sight Seeing in San Francisco or that time I pigged out on dumplings

I only had one day in San Francisco after Anna's wedding but I loved every minute of it. I was exhausted from taking thousand of pictures the day before but how could you not take shots of this lovely, lovely city. It really was more chill than NYC. Well, I think any place is more relaxed than NYC. But San Francisco has an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're walking around in your own living room. A sun drenched living room.

The bridge, of course, was magnificent. That red is really perfect against that blue.


And here I am, slipping out of the shadows.

I'm only putting this here to remind myself of what I look like 10 pounds lighter.

I also visited this Russian Orthodox Church.

Google tells me that it's the Holy Virgin Cathedral. And it's magnificent. Is there any word better than magnificent to describe this place?

Every angle is amazing!

Top down in San Fran, so fun, so cliche.

Of course I went to China Town! I love NYC for the many food choices it offers, but the Chinese food in the City is just underwhelming. Chinese food in NYC taste the same everywhere. Not so in San Francisco.

I'm about to go to the gym and I shouldn't be looking at this!

Look at those dumplings.

They're as yummy as they look.

God, help me.

Even the pigeons were eating.

Quickly! This place is a staple of my college life! But it's not the same though.

20000000 more pictures to come.


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