Oxfam, Pepsi and Fall

Spring is finally here. That was such a long winter. Growing up in the Philippines, I never understood why Americans on tv liked talking about the weather. And now that I've spent some considerable amount of time in the US, I get it. The weather is such a big part of one's life and it can change drastically in a heartbeat.

But these pictures are from months ago when fall was just beginning. 

We drove early morning.

And everything was bathed in glorious sunlight.

In the horizon, the city shone bright like diamonds. Sorry, Riri.

A small group of Oxfam volunteers rallied in front of the PEPSI HQ to raise awareness about land grabs.

It's a common practice among giant corporations operating in developing countries to forcibly take away lands from small-scale farmers. And holding a banner at 9 am for a few minutes is the least we could do. 

After that, we got to walk around the area.

Everything was turning red and orange and it was all very pretty.

The ducks obviously loved it.

This is the part of the season that's still magical.

For a moment the world burns before everything turns black and gray.

And how could you not look up?

And reach out?


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