Christmas with the Campos Family

Hello 2014! haha. So many pictures to post, so little time. I know that it's way past December but I'm still posting these pictures because I want my first post for 2014 to be about something that I'm really grateful for: family. I came to NY alone, thinking I would have to face everything by myself. But I have been lucky to find a home with my relatives in NJ.

Also, aren't my nieces the cutes girls ever?

More pictures below

You can see how excited the girls are to open their gifts.

Beautiful cousins, beautiful nieces.

Candice and Allan who just got married a few months ago.

Also, I love that lamp behind them.

Father and daughter.

Allan and Kylie

Campos family picture!

Can you tell that they're really happy about their gifts.

My uncle looking at his present.

Everyone's happy!

I have to say, there's something about watching kids open presents on Christmas day. Makes you all warm and fuzzy.

Alyza is growing up so fast!

And so is Kylie!

My gift to the girls! Who doesn't love Frozen? haha

Cutest hats...

On the cutest girls.

Tired from opening all her gifts.

Merry Christmas everyone! haha :)


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