Korean Videoke

There's this nice karaoke place in K-town that we love to visit.  It's kinda pricey 
but the it's cozy and has a sort of party vibe to it. Also, every room has a stripper pole. More pictures below.

But before all the singing, we attended a mass to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Central Philippines.

We saw Dr. S and Tita Alma.

I'm so bad with names that I've forgotten which church this is. I only know that this is where broadway people go to mass after their shows.

While waiting for other Pinoys, we took some random shots in Time Square.

Hey Juls.

And off we were to K-town where Tantan shone bright like a diamond.

Hello Michael, Ramon, Anne and Oscar.

And Jerome.

And Donna.

Bruno Mars in the house ya'll.


Mga tol!

And the winner is...


Group shot.

We walked around a bit after singing for 3 hours.

I love how many random things there are in NYC!


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