Tantan's birthday

By now, the pattern should be obvious. I hibernate then blog vomit after 6 months. Next on my list is Tantan's fun birthday party at Michael and Nick's lovely apartment. Looking back, it all seemed like our usual Pinoy party - rando mix of food, alcohol and conversation.

But looking at these pictures now, I don't know. It seems like it was a very weird night. What were people drinking? See for yourself.

Michael and Nick have the cutest, most obedient dog!

Of course there was chicken joy from Jollibee!

We also had grapes. And Aisa and Oscar.

And Donna.

And Juls.

And Tony.

Chuck has a thing for holding people's heads in this way.



Hey Ramon!

Mr. Dutoi.

I guess the dog was the official mascot of the night! We all wanted our pictures with it!

It's not a birthday party without cake.

Blow the candle!

Luke and Karen!

Fiercely cutting the cake.

Still fierce.

Chuck and the rando guy from St. Gallen. 

Go IPED 2015!

Doggie and Michael!

Brendan and Donna.

For realz.

Awwwww. BFFs Brie and Tony. 

Tantan about to swallow Annie's head.

Tap dat ass.

Group pic.

Pinoyz in the house.

Chuck looking extra manly.

CRS peeps. haha.

This is when it all started getting weird.

Bend it like Beckham.



Uh huh.

yeah that happened.


Hey roomies!


I don't know why everyone started having their photos taken by this closet.

Finally, Jerome and Maris arrived as we were about to leave.

Happy birthday Tan!


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