Aisa's birthday at Cafe 81 Pinoy restaurant

It was Aisa's birthday so we all dragged our butts to the lower east side for some brunch. It really was difficult for me to wake up that early on a Saturday but once I entered the restaurant and saw that Cafe 81 was a Pinoy restaurant, well, let's just say I got excited. Oh right, also friends. Lunch was great and the karaoke after it was also fun. Thanks Aisa and happy birthday again!

I'm glad I sat beside Jerome during this lunch because he immediately ordered sisig for starters.

Instead of the usual cold, hard American bread, they also serve pandesal for free!

The sisig was immediately followed by crispy pata. And we haven't even ordered the entrees.

Another Nikko, Michael's friend, sat across me.

I had Tapsilog. It was amazing.

I usually never order beer here in the City because I don't like getting robbed. But when I saw that they had Red Horse and San Miguel Beer, we ordered a bucket.

I've never been happier to have beer. I had 2 before brunch was over.

Chuckie and Nick.


Girls's table.

Meet Chris - Anne's lovah. 

Karekare in front.

Like a marriage proposal or just a preview of things to come.

Yep, she farted. I kid.

IPED boys.

Ube cake for Aisa.

Happy birthday!

Mel's lovah.

Who rule the world?

Ramon, before he left for work. On a Saturday.


Aisa's friends who I never got to talk to. Hello.

For some weird reason, we kept taking photos by this bathroom.

With Manong waiter 1.

With manong waiter 2.

With Manong waiter 3. Joke. It's just me.

Poor Jerome.

Love this! Just like a tableau.

On our way out we saw this colorful van.

Obviously, it was perfect for pictures. Manly men.

Happy birthday!

I think this was the bathroom at the tea house we went to on our way to the videoke place.

We wasted no time.

And started the concert.

Dirty dancing.


this happened.

Couerls in the house.

At the top of my lungs...

Pout kung pout.

Also, Chuck seems to be making a lot faces.


Anne being eaten alive.

Yes, we were in room 8.

And then I had to leave. Happy birthday Aisa!


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