A day in Central Park/ Poet's Walk

Manila will always be home but I can't deny that New York has a soft spot in my heart. Sure, NYC can be stinky, the people rude, and the cost of living unrealistically high, but it's got its moments. 

It's been a while since I last went out and explored and I did so one weekend when I was feeling down. I wen to central park and it was wonderful. The leaves have started to turn and the air was cool but not chilly.

I came in through Columbus Circle, ate some dogs wrapped in pretzel. I was a dollar short and was about to return my water when the vendor told me that it was fine. See, there are nice people in this city! On a weekend, the park was packed with tourists, families, and children! I try not to take pictures of children in playground to avoid prison.

I miraculously found my way to the poet's/literary/shakespeare trail. It's probably my favorite part of the park because of the long line of trees forming a canopy.  Under the canopy are people reading, playing music, blowing bubbles and dancing! There was even an area for roller blades. A couple of guys were playing violin. This curly haired boy was playing songs by Adele and Taylor Swift on his violin. He was amazing and I stayed on for about half-an hour just listening to him play while i read a book. 

I also went by the Bethesda Fountain but that place is always packed. I moved to Sheep's meadow and lied on the grass until it started getting chilly and I knew it was time to leave. On my way out was a band playing more music. Perfect way to end a perfect day.

Pictures below, as always:


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