Paintings at the Pinto Museum (and more!)

I've been hearing so much buzz about the Pinto (door) Museum that I definitely had to go when I went home to the Philippines last December. The museum is actually different buildings spread through beautiful gardens. I would definitely go again. The art is very Filipino - colorful and reflective of daily life and culture. Just be sure to wear cool clothes and bring water as you'll be doing a lot of walking under the sun. 

The best part of this trip was being able to hangout with a couple of my closest friends - Ma'am Rica and Coni. <3

Blue skies and green trees.

Filipino religious iconography.

Hello lovely ladies!

Unicorn sighting!

Love the plastic installation/sculpture.

I feel like you need two days just to be able to explore and appreciate everything.

Coni looking as lovely as ever.

Me looking okay. lol


Love the trees and this girl. 

Too real.

Definitely a lot to take, so come early and be ready to be overwhelmed by beauty and creativity.


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