Of Mountains and Ice cream

Rarely do you meet an officemate become a friend you want to spend time with outside of work! But I did. Hopped on several trains and car and we were off to Cold Spring! I love going to Cold Spring. I love the Stars Hallow vibes, the little antique stores, and the yummy ice cream! It's also close enough to Bear Mountain. Tons of photos below!

Love that purple door!

Handbags galore. 

Outside one of the many antique stores.

Sucker for all things old.



I believe we had this when I was 8 years old. 

I think I'm the only one who liked this funky kitty chair. 

Finally, ICE CREAM from one of the best place I've been too. 

Beautifully lit. 

<3 the dress. 

Always ready to pose. 

Meet your hipster from Brooklyn.

Writer. Typewriter. 

Love Bear Mountain.

Yeah, we went hiking like this. 


Can't beat that view. 

Loved this woman's tattoo. 

This woman taking an epic break.

'til the next road trip!


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