Mangan Tamu!

Because we weren't fat enough for the holiday season, we decided to go on a food trip in Pampanga. Justin and his family was kind enough to accommodate us!
(see how we stuffed ourselves senseless. MORE after the break!)

I was first to arrive at our meeting place. PJ came in second!

I didn't take any pictures going to San Fernando, well, because I was sleepy. We met at SM 711. Trust me, this is one of the best and cheapest coffee in town. What Starbucks?

This is Gyobs, probably talking about mountain climbing or some manly stuff. PJ, showing off her russian cam!

Then it was time for breakfast! Off we went to Perfect Loaf. They had these!

Hey Justin!

Ninin and Jerry! They're mean to me in a fun way. hahaha. They could win couple of the year. You'll see why.

I forgot what this is called, but it's really good. It's covered in cheese and has ham inside.

Spanish Omellete. I had this!

Jerry wasn't yet satisfied.

Ninin seemed okay.

Martin looks bored but he's really excited to be there!

Hi Amor!

Then we had bibingka for dessert! yum!

We went to this Church nearby.

PJ took pictures of the ceiling

Amor looking all cool.

Then we went to a wine shop in clark.

Of course there was wine, wine and more wine!

Please stop.

Then we went to Justin's house. Gyobs took pictures of the pet turtle.

Jerry was thinking if he should shoot it too.

He did.

Guess why PJ had this.

Then we went to Everybody's Cafe. This is what I first saw. How appropriate.

I love the dining area - the windows, the chairs, the light. Reminds me of home.

We couldn't wait for the food.


Headless fried Frogs!



Now, Martin is happy.

Bye froggies!

Inang bayan, with cleavage.


Bye crickets!

Evil laugh!

And dessert!

Leche Flan!!

Then we made fun of the mural behind us.

Then we went to another Church. This is where they shot that Santino soap.

It had a lot of dark hallways,

The gang exploring!

Hey Jesus!

And Mary!

The brick walls looked beautiful.

Jerry taking pictures.

Hey PJ!

Taking more pictures!

Somehow this happened outside the Church. I don't know why.

Trying to mock fashion bloggers.

Getting ready for our group picture.

Tita Ceny, the sweetest mom ever!

Justin, the biggest baby ever! joke lang. hehe.

The carrying of the Cross.

I thought these were Calla Lily. It turned out they were anthuriums. Or anthuria.

The we went to Razon's!

Tired but satisfied.

The Best Halo-halo in the WORLD!


Amor reading a text for Justin.

Tita Ceny hair flipping. Because she can.

We bought pasalubong here!

THE photographers.

Martin, tired and full.

Balon-balunan and chicken heart. I know.

My favorite saw-sawan!

One of the best sisig!

Available here.

Outside the coals burned. And we went home.


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