Work and Play.

The bad thing about not being a student anymore is work on a Christmas break. But I don't mind really. I've been spending too much time flat on my back anyway. Might as well get some exercise. After work was dinner with my JVP batchmates. Read more after the break!
I don't really mind going to work while everyone's still festive and knocked out in their beds. My office is inside Ateneo and the campus is just really beautiful

Before going to work I had breakfast at KFC. By myself. But it's okay. I like having meals alone. A lot of time I enjoy being by myself. No, really.

It turns out I have a thing for signage.

This is the blue over pass going to ADMU.

There are so many trees on campus that no matter how efficient the maintenance personnel are, some leaves manage to remain beautifully scattered on the parking lot.

This is my usual route going to the office.

See all the trees!

This is where our office is located. It's one of the oldest buildings on campus, built during the time of the Americans. Thus, the architecture. But it's really functional and the rooms are well ventilated which works well come summer.

Inside, the hallways look like this. Kinda creepy when you're the only on in the building.

Outside the office are more greenery!

On my way back.

More leaves!

Overpass again.

This is the number of the house I live in.

The only decoration in the dorm. We're modern minimalists that way. haha.

I went to Cubao to buy some stuff.

beautiful evening street lights!

This is the view from the LRT station. See all the people trying to get into that one jeepney? I've been there, done that.

I enjoy riding the LRT. Too bad I can't take pictures of the people inside. I think it's quite rude.

Then I went to Nomnomnom in Tomas Morato to have dinner with JVP batchmates. Hi Jet!

Myke is about to have a kid. Bryan is a seminarian. Benay is into yoga. Steph just got back from the States. And she's also into yoga. Jet likes the company of, uhm, religious people.

I normally look like this is my pictures. And there's PJ and Lenny!

It's rare to see Leonard smiling.hahaha, He was my JVP partner. Good times.

A very happy Benay.

I don't know what this is.

PJ again!

Myke's lemon fish.

My tinapesto! with real tinapa bits! yum.

The restaurant is quirky-beautiful. Just look at this wall!

I believe!!!

Lenny almost smiling.

Benay looking a bit bored.

A smiling Leonard!

A sleepy Jet.

A doubting Myke.

Everyone but me!


The light inside the washroom was really nice. I just had to. I'm really sorry.

PJ's macarons!

with tea.

Bryan looking pensive and proufound.

An explaining Bryan.

Jet loved that wall too.

Outside, the Petron was a bit cloudy.

Then we left for dessert. Look at all those little pieces of heaven,

day of signs.

Sometimes I wish we can have Christmas trees all year round. But then, it wouldn't be as special.

Jet taking a shot.

Our table made of marbles.



Pensive Bry, that's what the seminary does to you.

Jet's skirt.

The aftermath. It's topped with Reese's!

This one's made of Snicker's

A non-smiling Leonard!

My first time here.

Then it was time to say goodbye.


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