Welcome back old friends and cupcakes

So many things happened in one night. I got a new lens.

We ate cupcakes.

And hung out with old friends.

On my way to dinner, I tested this new lens.

Creamiest bokeh ever.

I just need to learn to use it better.

Finally caught up with friends.

To say hello again to Noel who moved to Seattle a few months back.

Hello Noel!

Then we went to Ramon and Anne's new place. Ramon just got back from the Philippines.

So we bought him ice cream cupcakes.

Welcome back!

Also tried playing around with flash.

While Ramon distributed some goodies from the home country.

yummy goodness.

Hello Annie!

Check out all the places they've been too!

And some goodies for me too! Thanks Ramon!

Breath taking indeed!

Group picture.


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