Happy Birthday Juls and Annie!

We haven't had a Pinoy party in a long time so I was really happy when Juls and Annie threw one for their 25th birthday! Yay. It was good to see friends again and eat tons of food and just laugh. A lot. Then laugh some more. My mistake was drinking without any food in me. So, I barely remember taking some of these pictures. Fine, most of the pictures. haha. Everything was kind of a blurrrrr after the first hour. Hahaha! But still! fun!

Can I just say, ang init! haha. Nay, minsan lang to, hindi po ako alcoholic! hahaha.

Of course this happened. Why are you even surprised?

Tons more pictures after the cut!

Hello Annie!

Hello Michael and Karen! Welcome to my blog Karen! haha.

Aisa, Chuck and Ramon! Roll call?? haha.

Sige chuckie, push mo yan. push mo sa mouth mo. haha.

What is Tantan measuring?

Krister to the left.


Favorite VCUT! Siyempre dala ko sa party yung trip ko kainin. haha.

Things started to get blurry.

And dark for Tantan with his shades.


Gus! Welcome to my blog! Kumusta naman po ang fried chicken ni Juls?

Kennedy Fried Chicken! Apparently it's all over the city now.

And it's really yummy.

Karen and Annie!

Uno Stacko while drunk. haha.

Not. Drunk. At. All.


Amputi ng ngipin ko dito. Lovet! haha.

Apple Cider = traitor! Akala mo juice lang, nilalasing ka na pala. haha.


Birthday peeps!






Drunk in Love.

SOP na tong pose na to sa parties. haha.

Broken doll.

Hello Nikko katukayo!

Random shots of food.


Insert Catption here.

Gwapo naman ni Chris. haha.

HAHA! Closeup kung closeup.

Hello friends! I don't remember this photo.

Or this.

Kinda remember this?

Happy drunk in the background.

Lapit pa ng kaunti.

Yay! Missed you annie!

Pikit pikit pag may time.

No recollection of this one too.

Was I even taking this? haha. peace!

Bea we miss you!

Party party!

Kaya mo yan Juls!

Chris tsuper naka lunch-break sa pagmamaneho. haha. joke!

Happy birthday!


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