Vermont Part 1

So we went to Vermont the week before the start of the finals. Not the best idea in the world but it sure was one of the most fun. Thanks to good friends, great food and fun games. 

The drive from NYC to Vermont took around 6 hours. 

So we stopped over at a Mc Donald's

Mahwish with her desserts.

Great sky!

Then it was night. So what happened in between? I slept of course. So did my camera. 

There was a period in between where we got lost and I had to pee.

Breakfast the next day. 

An attempt at studying.

We didn't get to ski because we're no experts and there wasn't enough snow, so we took a hike. literally.

Hahahaha at the faces.


Oh hello flat hair.

It wasn't this cold.

Trying out their telenovela looks.

Bea is a happy suicider(yes, I made up a word. )


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