Vermont Part 2

Here's part 2 of our Vermont trip. We continued our little trek while the expert went skiing. We ended the day having dinner and playing games.Good times.



Pinoyz reprezent!

how very zen.

The sun began to set on the horizon.

JVP Cross.

Footprints on the snow.

Playing with snow!


snow fight!

Mischievous Ramon.

Looks like dandruff.

Oh no he didn't!

Katie relaxing with her beer.

And legs up.


Katie by the fire.

Mashed some potatoes and made a heart. Yes, I have the sensibilities of a nine year old girl.


heart-broken mashed potato.

Just like a real family dinner.

bear lamps.

Logically, we played twister afterwards.

Ramon - grace under fire.

Not the best position to be in.

Poor Anne. 

Then we played Apples to Apples.

Mahwish ended up with these cards.

Katie's cards.

Sultry, Chunky, Juicy, Manly Ramon!

Then Ramon attempted to do some work.

These bears were on the beds we slept in.



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