Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Merienda 2011 Part 1

Time flies when you're having fun. All of a sudden it was the Winter Merienda. It's the 2nd year students graduation. A lot of awards, certificates, bears and hugs were given. I will seriously miss the 2nd years. They were instrumental in helping us adjust to the program and to NY. I can only hope to be as helpful to the incoming bunch as these guys were to us.  

Donna helping set up the place.

Dr. S in the house.

Brittany B. and Bea L.

Elizabeth giving Eileen a hug.


Anne, Katie, Erin and Christmas lights!

Liam and Mahwish.

Pei and Jakk

Brittany C. and her wine.

Looking sharp.

Guess who got a little overexcited with the wine bar.

Erin Atwell got perfect on the comps.

Hey Megan

Heather and Fan.

Erin L.

Juan, Moses and SK

Random guests I do not know.


Jennifer looking excited.

Hosts for the night.

Dr. S welcoming everyone.

Eileen's roomate!



Professor Crystal.


Tita Alma, Dr S 's wife.

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