Christmas with the Cobbs

It was a night with the Cobbs. One of the sweetest family I've ever met.

We stopped by the Lincoln Center Fordham Art Gallery.

This one's by my former boss, Carleen Sheehan.

Excellent work.

If only I was half talented as she is.

There was some street market nearby.

And a couple of elephants too! (I mean the statues, not Mahwish and me!)

I'm an idiot.


Then we hanged out in Central Park.

Columbus Circle.

Then Times Square.

I've been here a couple of times. But never gets old.

Finally the Cobbs!

We went out in search of a good Thai restaurant.

And found a couple of YumYum restaurants in the same street. haha.

Cobbs+fish face.

It's a family thing.

Giant Christmas Balls.

Giant Christmas lights.

Street Artist!

Mario and Luigi.

Light show!

The end.


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