A very iped christmas

First stop: Brittany Cobb's party at her apartment. She baked cupcakes!

And we had some milk tea!

Megan, serial killer. Not really. Just trying to open a bottle of wine.

Tom saves the day.

Then Brittany made us do some Christmas crafts with colored paper. This is mine.

Everyone was really into it.

I think mine is a little biter than Brittany's. 

Megan, doing, uhm, something with the paper.


My first origami.

Posting with my art on the well. Which let's face it, is bound to sell millions on ebay.

Next stop, party at the commons.

Cameron, caught in the act!

Look at all those food!

2nd year Ipeeps.

Dominic, who was also celebrating his birthday in advance.

I was trying to take a picture of Dr. Burke. Cameron, unfortunately, was a casualty. sorry.


This is why I'm fat.

Surprise for Dominic! the cake, not John.

I just started clicking away.

And caught every possible moment.

Of Dominic blowing his candle.


Hey Sergei!

Valentina and Eileen!

Wow, Erin looks like a giant next to Anne.:)

We had some balloons!

And that is that.


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