My Manila 2

I was nearing the end of my Manila trip and I had to meet all the friends I could. It was tiring, but still a good day.

Ninin, Bea and PJ

Ah Manila sunset. I will never get tired of you.

I went to Hillcrest to visit the kids we take care of.

Then we went to McDonald's



With the rest of the gang!

Gone in 60 seconds

And went around the mall.

And had our pictures taken with Alvin, Simon, Theodore.

Oh childhood, I miss you. Poor simon, missing an eye.

Then we went to the arcade. But because I've run out of money, we just pretended to play. 

Then it was night time. 

And I went to the Focolare.


Brought some of the kids with me.

with Martin.

With the Popi.



In the morning I ate Jollibee. One for the road


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