Erin and Wael's epic entrance

There were fireworks, flames, candle dancers, belly dancers, lots of dancing and food. It was epic. It was exciting. It was Erin and Wael's wedding.

Whenever I would ask Erin about her wedding, everything sounded low key. And so when the wedding started, my jaw dropped to the floor in awe and amazement. What an entrance. It started with the lovely couple riding a vintage-looking car. As the car started to move, music of epic proportions (ala LOTR or Star Wars) began to play and flames flew in time to the beat of the music. I just had to take a video of it, which I normally don't do. It was my first Egyptian wedding. And it was epic:

I'm sorry for the shaky hands though. I was busy being amazed and telling Emily M. that she had to get married in Egypt so we could all attend another one. 

I'm still going through the pictures and will post them later. For now:


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