Ang bayan kong Pilipinas

Part of the Philippine class I took last January was an immersion/project assessment in the Quezon Province. We were mostly in the mountains, but when my foster dad offered to take us to the beach, we couldn't say no. I had no idea what was in  store for us. Matthew joined us. As it turns out it took us an hour and a half of trekking the mountain. It was difficult because of the narrow and muddy paths but it was well worth it to see the beach.

Look at those waves!

I miss the beach.

Matthew's shoes.

That's my foster dad!

My shoe

Matthew looks really relaxed here but I was dying.

coconut juice!

kids playing with spiders!

Kalbo!!!!! I love and miss this kid!

The house at the back is where we stayed. These are my foster siblings :)

What I'd give to be here again.


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