At the MET

It was my first time at the Metropolitan Museum/ The MET. It's AAHHHHMAZING.  This is basically a photodump that does not capture a quarter of everything they have in The MET. If I lived in Manhattan, I'd stay here all the time!

Art work at the 4 train.

Bea, Mahwish and Laura!


I want this in my future house.


I like the subdued colors of this painting.

Van Gogh!

Don't you just love clowns?

Look at her eyes!

If I could only go back to this time and place, I would.

Ahhh lovely.




I almost died in this section of the museum. Mostly from the wonderfulness of all the artwork, partly from all the walking.

This is hot.

Let's be clear that Bea is the focus of this photo and not the ass cheeks.


This is just overwhelmingly great.

Can you guess which deadly sin is which ?

Salvador Dali!!!

Then we pretended to be the Gossip Girl cast and hung out a bit on the MET steps.

Then everything turned monochromatic.

We then went to a Japanese restaurant.

Donna and her winning smile.

I'll have these lights to go please.

Best Milk tea evahhh. That or I just really miss home.


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