Inside the Walls of Intramuros

Still part of the Philippine class was a trip to the Intramuros, the Walled City of Old Manila. It was fun, educational and tiring. But our tour guide never gave up on us and was always on his, uhm, toes. We ended the night with a fancy dinner near the Presidential Palace.


Matthew and one of his many faces.

The Manila Cathedral.

The plaza in front of the Manila Cathedral.

Our tour guide. Energetic is an understatement.

Black and white. Just because we're in old Manila. cliche, I know.


Ipeeps eating my favorite chips! V-cut!

feeding the turtle with junk food. 

Group shot!

Oh to be a saint.

Inside the San Agustin Church are several tombs.

Juan Luna is one the country's most popular and respected artist.

I'm sorry Michelle.

tea time.

waiting for the fancy dinner.

The dinner included a fancy tour of the fancy house where we're having dinner. This is our tour guide.

I see you!

The owner was into old cameras!

And dead people apparently.

Yup, this is how every Filipino dine.Every day and night. We're fancy people that way.

Dr. S, sleeping through dinner.

Christmas tree!

Matthew making eggs with his dessert.

Love the Christmas tree decor!


The next morning was breakfast with some of my favorite people in the world!

Then classes.

Trying to stay alive.


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