On my own in NYC

It was just one of these days when I had to go out and take a very long walk. So I did. 

On my way to Manhattan.

I love these windows at the Grand Central.

And that clock.

But apple had to ruin it.

Then I went to take the train again.

And went to Battery park.

The birds were kinda scary. I have a couple of friends with a serious phobia of birds. They'd have a heart-attack if they were here.

Even the Statue of Liberty feels emo sometimes.

Ahhh amore.


Just to prove that I was there.

Hello wall street.

I love cemeteries.

It's so quiet and alive at the same time.

One of the best things about NYC is all the entertainment everywhere.

Then I went to the MOMA store to look at all the cool stuff.

If I had any money, I'd buy all these.

And this paper clip holder.

And this robot over here that turns into a cube.

Measureing cups!

And the alarm clock that runs away from you.


And time to go home.


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