NikkoY in NY with Claudia

Nikko Y. and Claudia came to NY and I got to tour around the city with them. Not a bad excuse to leave the books behind for a while.  Trivia: I met Claudia online when she thought I was NikkoY. She started chatting me up in Italian. hahaha. We finally figured out that she was looking for the other Nikko. All is well that ends well because we got to hang it in NYC:)

We took so many trains that day.

Central Park

Claudia loves this bridge because she's seen it in a movie before. 

I really like this statues.

This one I like better.

Outside the MET.

This painting by Dali is just amazing. 

I love the modern portrayal of the crucifixion.


Nose to nose.

Egyptian exhibit.

Can't wait to see the real thing!

On the MET steps.

Oh childhood...

Then we went to Hard Rock Cafe. I would never have gone inside myself, but Claudia is a really big music fan. 

Times Square!


In anticipation of the next day.

Then we went to a Disney store and relived our childhood.


  1. Nikkoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe in this work of art that you made with our days together!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  2. I love see the photos again and again and again... I really miss those days!


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