1st IPED 1st year dinner at Brittany's

This blog has turned into an IPED web page. So be it. It's always fun hanging out with good people. Thanks Brittany for lending as your beautiful place!

 Before the diner at Brittany's, we attended this talk on African heroes. Here is the President of Fordham.

 Dr. S and Dr. Malady.

 Dr. S even when giving a speech, wearing a suit and tie, has an air of informality to him.

Those flags in the background look pretty huh? Guess who set them up? Guess who had to bring them back all the way up to the commons?! haha.

Then it was dinner time. Fanfan and Peipei!

With Anne anne (parang skin disease! haha)

Brittany's place is warm and cozy. She made this herself!

 Megan and her house key! kidding.

 Donna, always ready for a picture. She'd stop, smile and pose even in the middle of a conversation. Poor Fan.

 We made our own pizzas!

 Mine was sloppy because I didn't realize we were making pizzas.




 If you ask SK how the talk went, this would be his face.


 Brittany's sister, Chantilly! (Did I spell it correctly? Your name is to classy for my pedestrian mind :))

Christmas colors!

 Pei and Ramon in another intense conversation.

 Fan "I'm a robber".

 no comment.

Tom, Brittany's friend.

Jennifer was there too.

 I'm practicing my Where's Waldo mode.


 I usually have 5 out of a hundred pictures and those 5 always look stupid.

 O Asian friends )

 Ramon is the new Donna.

 Love the colored glasses.

 Then Jakk had to go.

And we decided to do a group shot. Sorry Jack.

First wacky pose. I look forward to more!!!


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