United Nations Tour Part 1

We had a tour of the United Nations. I have my thoughts about it and the whole organization but that's another story. Anyway, here are the pictures. 


Ramon and Pei. Grand Central was bathed in morning light. It was wonderful.

Asian siblings!
Everything was so orange.
We stopped by a photo exhibit. to take photos. of ourselves.
TV....... Patrol!
Then it was time for the orientation.

Hey Bea. And Maria, who also works for the U.N
One of the interns talking about how she got to be one.

Everyone looked so nice. Love the face Megan! :) 

The head of HR. She had a great story about how she started as a hotel manager and then moved to a career in non profit.

Matthew giving certificates.

With everyone except Dr. S who's also busy taking pictures like a doting father.

Then we walked towards the U.N headquarters.

But first...


U.N Secretary Generals. These are actually carpets.

Here's our tour guide! She was very good.

What a Nobel Peace Prize looks like. 

Where the security council meets. 

Love the painting.


Elisabeth. You and your dreams!

This was taken from Hiroshima (or Nagasaki, sorry.)

Bei and Michelle

The U.N HQ had a lot of great art.

Red cups. Another U.N. program with the goal of overcoming malnutrition.

This is so cool. 

more in the next post.


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