Manhattan night part 2

Manhattan looks really pretty at night. People continued to dance the night. Some pictures were not included in these post. People didn't want to be seen drinkin:)


After Times Square we joined the gang.

for a couple of drinks

and some dancing.

Back in Manille, I never really went clubbing.

It's the company that counts.

Pinoy girlz reprezzent.

Dudes played pool.

Ahhh hello large forehead. It's like an air strip!

 Now that's having fun.

It's so Pinoy to have your picture taken every 6 minutes.

Nomsa met him along the way.


Math majors in the house!

Then it was time to go home.

It was late but everyone still looked pretty.

It was back to the Bronx for us. I love my IPED batch, but seriously, what would we do without the 2nd years? I'll miss you guys. For now, let's have some fun!

The next day I went upstate with the family and picked some apples.


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