Manhattan night part 1

At this point in the semester I think we all needed a break. So we took the train to Manhattan and let the evening roll away...

Bea and her cheekbones were there!

Erin and her flower. And Emily!

Jatner and Groene was there!

Rrrrramon was there too!

We had Mexican!

That window is photogenic.

It was BYOB so someone brought wine.

There's Mr. organizer himself. Hey Cameron.

intense conversation.

Ms. Atwell started fixing Ms. Groene's flower.

et voila!

Flower girls!

Asian sisters!

Hey Jennifer!

After dinner, we separated from the group a bit to visit Times Square.

We climbed the red staircase.

The lights never cease to amaze...

I'll see you soon. 

Look at all those people!

Yes, we camwhored a bit.

Just like every other tourist in town.

Of course we took solo shots!

Can you find us in a sea of faces?

Oh New York. We will always have a love hate relationship just like the one I have with Manila.

And the night went on...


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