Lechon murder

Lydia, the Pinoy GSAS secretary was retiring. So we had a Pinoy themed despedida party for her which simply meant loads of Pinoy food!

the lechon posing with dominic.

By default, I chopped lechon. There's a first time for everything!

Look at my delicate hands. hahaha.

I'd be happy too in front of all these Pinoy food! Bad for your health, good for your tummy.



Hahaha. Hey Pei!

Why, hello there leche flan and fruit salad!

Hey SK, Moses and Brittany!


Franny and Elise!

Dr. S!

Farewell pig...

Hey blurry Jennifer!


Pinoyz in the hauz


We want mommy!


Yes this angle is morbid.

Dr. S went around the department showing/threatening people with the head. Later on Franny made sisig out of it!

Resting with your feet up right after a huge meal huh Donna? very Pinoy.

And back to work everyone went.


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