Wine drinking and apple picking

Sure I haven't studied for my upcoming exam, but I got to eat delicious apples and drink excellent wines. Yeah I'm rationalizing.

This is one of the best apples I've ever had.

The calm before the winter storm. 

The leaves have begun to turn.

The rest of the family picking apples.

25 bucks per bag. But you can eat as much as you like inside the compound. I helped eating.

I think every mom is a stage mom.

Craving for some apples. Bad idea to do this at this late hour.

Lloyd girls.


Look at the orange!

Around us were hundreds of people having picnics.

The apple farm was right beside a winery.

These people surprised a couple celebrating their anniversary. Sadly the wife fell and slipped on muddy ground.

Father and daughter.

Ahhh  sunlight i miss you and your warmth.


experimenting with colors.


And that's how I spent my long weekend drinking and eating with family. Not a single page read, but still good.


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