The day after

Sunday, I found myself here at an intersection somewhere in the city. There were no cars, no people. I had no idea where I was going. I was alone. 

Who knew there would be a day after. Somehow things got better, thanks to food and Sabrina.

I will never forget this night, when hearts broke and all seemed lost.

I haven't had any sleep when Sabs picked me up from the dorm. We headed to the Gesu. 

Here she is trying on her fake smile. I have one, but it's just too horrible. No sleep, no bath. Mess.

We prayed.

A bath in Holy Water might help?

Then she tried to feed me. Kalabasa pasta, looks gross but actually good.



But I could barely eat anything so we called on Bro. Tootsie.

Then we walked around. And found Patrick. 

Then I prayed again. 

At midnight we ate here. 

Cool place. They let you create your own burger. 

Sabs with a genuine smile. 

My trusty backpack.

My trusty friend.
 Trying on a smile.

Nice try, though. 

Our finished burger! 

Someday soon, there will be more pictures to post.


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