Home Again (New Year in Tarlac)

I spent the new year in Tarlac. It was quiet and I try to sort things out. In between eating, sleeping, fireworks and taking pictures of course. More after the cut!

Before going home to my hometown Tarlac, I had lunch and took pictures outside the dorm.

I had lunch at Kenny Rogers where this boy took time to smile for a shot while being naughty.

I had this.

Then it was time to go. NLEX from the car. 

And finally, home. My mom loves gardening.

And angels. 

We have a yellow gate going to one of our gardens. 

She also collects bottles.

Outside is basically antique furniture and plants. 

That's my grandmother's rocking chair! 

We also have these eggs. I don't know why.

Angels and bottles.

 There's my grandma on her favorite chair! Hi lola!

She's covering her face because she doesn't have teeth anymore. But I still think she's beautiful! Even at 89. 

My lola also has a small sari-sari store to keep her busy.

Mirror facing our garden.

That's the main door.

This is inside my room. Yes I have blue walls and yellow curtains. And a Sto. Nino!

 Guess who this is. haha.

My attempts at art.

I'm not even going to try and explain.

Door going to my room.

I also took time to explore the town I grew up in. This is outside the church. Yey for balloons!

Entrance to the plaza. 

I hate that they paved the whole plaza. Now it's hot during the day.

That's the Cathedral

The main altar.

I couldn't really take pictures of random people's faces, so I just took shots of the backs of their head.

There are still a number of old beautiful houses. 

My way or THE HIGHWAY.

Flowers along the highway.

The old city hall is being renovated.

The new annex!
Entrance to the plaza.

That's my high school!

And then it was time for new year! Our garden at night.

Christmas tree.

New Year's eve food!!

And fireworks. Not ours but the neighbors'. We're cheap that way. haha.

Reminds me of that Katy Perry song.

Thank you neighbors.

Our house from the outside.

Hey neighbors!

 Then it was time to go back inside.

Pictures throughout the years.

Inside the living room.

That's Kim. He's very brave, slept through the whole thing.

Mother and Child.

Did I tell you my mom loves flowers.

My room the next morning.


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