Genboys Congress

In hindsight, this was a turning point where nothing was the same after. Apparently the will of God brings you places in yourself you never knew existed, courage you never knew you had, love you never knew you were capable of. And the world did change after this congress . It became a bit lonelier,yes, but it also became right.

But enough.

The congress itself was fun. After all BOYS WILL BE BOYS.
(Sorry for the lack of group shots. I had to leave early. So there.)

Friday we slept in Pittsburgh because the call time was 6am and there was no way we'd make it unless we slept in the meting place. Hey Niks.

And Leo!

Sabs gave this toy to me.
See these swords? You thrust them into the barrel until the pirate jumps out.

Hey Mr. Pirate. Sorry.

With his cool tattoo!

Leo's tattoo!

Then it was time to go to bed.

A few hours later, breakfast! Danggit. I ate so many of this.

And eggs!

Sardines! Yum.

And there's Martin.

Ka Rudy!

We had soft tires so we had to get them aired.

While we watched.

And yawned.

And slept.

While Noel

and Laburn bathed in light.

Stopover for coffee and to wait for others.

I have no clue.

Laburn's tattoo!! I want one. Soon.

I left the group for a while. I saw this kid but he was too fast for my camera.

Then Jonas was there.

Back from Mercury Drug. Or from saving the world. Who knows?
Still too fast.

Obviously I fell asleep. And when I woke up we were in Tagaytay.

Hey Arnie!


Hey boss.

Hot meal to welcome us.

It was that cold.

Hey Tito SerJ!

We shared the highlights of our 2010.



It's still Christmas!
They played during the mass.

Amiel hiphop washing.

Whattup Eli.

Hey Marco!

They make washing plates look cool.

Then it became weird.

Cesca would be so proud.

Wind in your hair.

Whattup Laburn?

Right before I fell asleep.

More bromance!

We played music.

And shared.

And more music.

Hi tito Rey!

Can you spell the name of this flower?

This is what I love about this country. Sunlight!!!

Ka Rudy!

We served food.

Apparently we just ate half of the time.

I told you.

Boys will be boys.

Even when eating.

Itchy Noel.

Christmas in our hearts.
Ah, that night. I'm not telling.

Cool shirt Marco.

Martin played a song he himself composed.

Good time in Tagaytay for flowers.

Can't wait for the fire trees in Ateneo.

And for emoness.

More bougainvillea(Yes, I googled :D)

Still, A merry Christmas to all!

And the world was never the same.


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