It's Friday and oddly enough I am not comforted. The weekend lies before me with a million things to do. But first we breathe. And enjoy the randomness in between structures and schedules.

I saw this on my way to the office.

Santan! On my way to jogging.

Yellow gumamela. How rare.

Path going to Moro.

I had dinner with some of the focolarinos.

Here they are preparing dinner. What wonderful lighting!

Hi Lisandre!

 Hey Arnie!



Potato with meatballs soup as I'd like to call it.

Mother and Child.

Modern Christmas tree.

Guess whose hairy arm this is.

Yehey for warm lighting!

All the boys in the yard.

Guess what they have in common! Hey KaRuds!

Blue overpass. Of which you'll probably see more.


Lamp posts!

Can you spot the manong who keep te gardens well manicured?

One of my favorite places in ADMU

My college org!

Glen flirting with Kuya.

Time to leave the office.

Parking lot.


 Inside the locker rooms.

Not mine. 

This weekend's gonna be a piece of pizza...pie!

Corny na! See you Monday!


  1. ahh what a tender soul you have :))-edlyn

  2. sarcastic ba yan? hahaha. Buyt thank you ate eds! God bless and see you around! :D


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