New Year, Old Friends.

It's been quite some time since I had some bonding time with HS friends. So I invited everyone for pasta. Only a handful could make it but man, oh, man. That night was a night of randomness and revelations. Let's do this again soon.

Noel was supposed to help me cook pasta. But he was late.

So I started.

We watched NPH play Barney while waiting for other batchmates.

This hangs from my ceiling.

Messy side of my room.

EJ was first to arrive. He tinkered with my laptop while waiting.

There's Elson and May (or Mae?). They're engaged! Lucky fools :D

I have this also in my room. But no one ever plays.

Hey lovebirds!

Noel with hi 90's awkward hair.

Ej with my pillow and paintings.

I slaved away in the kitchen cooking pasta. Can you believe I've burned noodles twice already.

I'm bad at multitasking so I panic when I have to chop onions while cooking.

Random ingredients.

The whole gang. Hey Mac!

Plus me!

Elson and May had to leave early! boo!

Batay ponders the profundity of life. Yes, we still call each other by our last names.

Finished product! Yum!

My tita also cooked adobo.

Then we thought of combining the two, so we had adobo pasta c/o Noel!

Adobo pasta FTW!

Noel brought mozzarella.

That's his plate.

This was from our Batch reunion last year.

Then we thought of going out for drinks. But first, pit stop at the plaza!

Yahoo for good lighting!

The remaining 3.

We had so much fun with that light.

I'm just happy my zipper's not open. for a change.

We felt 15 again. And kicking.

Then we gave up.

Trying out our boy band moves.

We took some solo shots.

Manual focus can really get hard. See?

15 and reaching out for the stars.

I can't get over how great the light is. seriously.


EJ decided it would be cool to play with sand.


Why? IDK

The light wasn't as good as the last spot.

So we left.

This is the provincial capitol.

Then we moved to the other plaza. Yes we have 2.

They paved the plaza. Now there are no trees only floors to ballroom dance in.
And played with the light.

I apologize to Rizal.

Noel comes from a family of photographers so he's just as happy with the light as I was.

Yes, I always do this.

I can't help looking like an idiot.

A constipated idiot.

Then we went to Kart City for some drinks. Battle City while waiting!

This is really good. But I'd still go for red horse.

Maybe I'll try this next time.

Oh yeah, we also did these.

Good times.


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