Practice shots.

You know those shots when you're just trying to get the right settings? Well here they are. It's been a long day. I'm tired. I've been praying a lot, hoping for some light. I know I have to take the jump sooner or later but it's difficult. My poor heart can only break so many times.

But happiness is a choice.

One of the first shots after buying that 50mm.

Ahh Cubao at dusk.

Buying tickets a couple of days before Christmas.

After the Simbang Gabi in Pentecost.

Pink Sunrise.

Hey Jayps!

Books in BookSale Cubao.

Last minute gift wrap.

LRT Cubao.

Trains and light! What more could a boy ask for?

Red and proud.

My room's yellow curtains.

Fr. Rudy saying mass for the Manila JVP Community. One of my favorite Jesuits.

Christmas Mass at my old school

Great Book by a Great Teacher!

Right outside Henry's in Hidalgo.

Practicing my bokeh.


View from LRT1

From up her everything seems so joyful.

Maybe it is.

Or maybe it's just me. Or the umbrellas.

Old buildings.

People in the station.

Going to LRT 2 Station.

More old buildings. Painted colorfully.

My backpack.

Inside the train.

Mango slices.

Time to chill. Big time. Sorry.


Before sunrise.

No parking.

Dinner is served.

Soon enough, I will.


insert emo sentence here.

Where are you going?

Going to Pampanga.




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