Naga Rehab

I would've preferred to stay in bed, sleep and wallow in darkness. But work beckoned and I had to go to Naga with Fr. Rudy. In the end it was all grace and was worth it. Tantan is an inspiration. I wish I was like him when I was a volunteer myself.

Everything is wonderful in Naga. LIFE GOES ON.

This is in Tantan's room! Can you tell he's creative? Those are shots I took! Awesome wallpaper :D
That's his bed where I slept.
 I slept for a while and went to ADNU for the interview. They were very well prepared.

Hey Fr. Rudy!

Guess, who's also tired?

And there's Micee and Eping! They forced me to eat. Thank you!

We had dinner here!

The next day Tantan worked.

While I watched.

He had fun.

Something happened and he got stressed. So we rode the bus.

And had this for lunch.

 Tantan played with his gadget: the Apad.

My lunch.

His lunch. Looks expensive, but actually cheap.

Where the rich, attractive foreigners come to relax.


I took pictures of everyone who passed in front of us.

JVP cross!

Tantan talking to Doms!

Hey surfer girl.


I want

to be a surfer dude.

who's always chill.

and calm.

it's as if they never hurt.

then we left because we had no money. cool tattoo.
We went back to ADNU for the mass.
Why so white?

Fr. Rudy celebrated the mass.


Then we had dinner.

JVPs again!

Fr. Rudy and his beer.

Then we had coffee.

I didn't even have apetite for this.

or this. 

even this! 

I had tea, though.

They made me proud.

Tan's workmates!:D

Tan in the office!

Tan with some of the staff and kids!

We visited one of the churches.


Electric wires ruin pictures. grr.

See what I mean?

Brunch before I leave.

ADNU church.

FOREVER STRONG. I need that shirt. haha.

Can you find the hidden pili?

Outside, the walls had saints that looked like this.

Hey Fr. Rooney!

Cool Belen.


They have a thing for monochrome statues.

Fr. Rudy and Tantan!

Then we left! Thank you Tan, thank you Naga!


  1. ang ganda! Natouch ako! Thank you tan for the time you spent with us! we will surely miss you...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. correction: *kei, kai pala, also kei even if wer not workmates, i will mention nlng yun iba, kei nanay milanay, nay mejica, lei,joseph, gina,jun,monching, esper,janjan, dok n johan.

  4. ang masasabi ko lang ay.... photogenic pala ako! ahaha

  5. @ ate ruby, ate ing, jha, kei, mam ester,ate we and Huhuhuhu, i will tremendously miss you guys! i will keep u forever in my road-less travel as i close and open a new chapter in my life. Thank you very much for your support and love.

    @kuya nikko: wow! nice shots, love it! Thank you very much coz u wr dr when i was stressed. Though it was a short time to be with u, but i felt empty like after midyear when u left with fr. rudy. Sadness felt and seen by my office mates that i cant hide the emo mode. seriously, i felt wandering at that time. i said that i will not go to area, but i did. It was a relief after seeing C/YWDs enjoying the bday celebration of Sir Johan in his area. It ended with good vibration! =) just a share of thought =))

  6. Ruby! Sobrang salamat sa lahat. Sana sa susunod mas matagal ang bonding time natin. Sama ako kay Tan pag bumalik siya :D Ingat kayo palagi

    Tan! Emote? Salamat sa lahat lahat ng pagaalaga ng nandyan ako. Huwag ka malulungkot, enjoy every moment diyan!2 months to go :D


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